• Salzburg
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  • Mountains
  • Wachau Danube Valley
  • Styrian Wine Route
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At Time Change we embrace diversity and welcome new ideas. We thrive on the energy of our talented international teams, creating an environment that’s exciting, colorful, forward-looking, and full of life. As experts in events and destination services we offer professional event management, congress organization, and online registration software to optimize participant management. Our agency is also a leading provider of cruise services and destination management across Europe. Whether you’re looking for seamless event planning or unforgettable travel experiences, our team has the expertise and passion to bring your vision to life.


Our journey began in 2013, in the vibrant city of Berlin, where we set up our headquarters. Over the years, we have grown our European network and expanded our presence to include 12 offices across seven countries. Our reach extends beyond Europe, as we handle numerous projects globally, and our story continues to evolve. We are eager to learn more about your story and welcome the opportunity to connect with you.


Austria boasts a unique blend of imperial elegance, unspoiled natural landscapes, delectable local cuisine, rich cultural heritage, and a thriving creative and innovative spirit. It’s a country that’s both cozy and exhilarating.

While Vienna is renowned for its stunning architecture, musical performances, artistic exhibitions, and enchanting Christmas markets, there’s so much more to discover. The city offers a vast range of cuisine, from street food to high-end gourmet creations, and its hidden corners are waiting to be explored.

Beyond Vienna, Austria offers many other gems, including the UNESCO World Heritage site Wachau Danube Valley, with its castles, monasteries, and apricot blooms, the lush green hills of the Styrian wine route with its culinary delights, the breathtaking mountain ranges of Tyrol, Salzburg with its connection to Mozart and beautiful lake landscapes, and the little-known Burgenland region, famous for its tasty red wine, 300 days of sunshine, and the Przewalski wild horses.
Austria truly has something for everyone, and we invite you to come and experience it for yourself!

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