Destinations Served:

  • Salzburg
  • Kitzbühel & Tyrol Mountains
  • Wachau Danube Valley
  • Styrian Wine Route


Since its foundation in 2013, [time change] has successfully grown and developed moving into different strategic
segments, including destination management, providing bespoke services for demanding clients.

Event management in all its forms is our passion! Around the clock, 24/7, non stop.

We stand by your side all the way from the original idea, through researching suitable venues and services, managing participants, logistics and organising exceptional catering and entertainment options by our local
experts. Always.

Through this process we make sure your event has the right atmosphere, connects interesting people, and
creates an experience that will not be forgotten. Time and again.

Time is precious, so don’t waste it!


Imperial elegance, pristine nature, delicious local food, cultural excellence, a rise of creativity and innovation and a long-standing experience in welcoming guests – all of these ingredients make Austria cozy yet exciting.

Vienna is not only one of the cities with the highest quality of living worldwide but also internationally known for the beauty of its architecture, musical performances, artistic exhibitions and fairy-tale Christmas markets. Less well-known but still absolutely worth discovering are its more hidden corners and its excellent cuisine, ranging from local street food to high-class gourmet creations.

Austria, however, has a lot more to offer than its amazing capital: The lovely UNESCO World Heritage site Wachau Danube Valley with its apricot blooms, castles and monasteries, the lush green rolling hills of the Styrian wine route with its culinary delicacies, Tyrol with its breath-taking mountain ranges, Salzburg hosting the spirit of Mozart and amazing lake landscapes and the little known Burgenland region delighting its guests with tasty red wine, 300 days of sunshine, a huge lake, a beautiful national park and the Przewalski wild horses.

The Perfect Fit.

We do more than managing events.

We utilise our in-house creative services to make brands accessible through events by telling exciting stories, sharing emotional moments and producing unforgettable experiences.

Stay ahead of the game with our IT solutions.

Our web-based participant management system is the ideal all-around solution for your event. Participant management, event website, ticketing and payment – all combined into one cloud-based software.

With our IT solutions we are ensuring convenience and flexibility to save you both time and money.

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