October, 2020

Introducing On Location! This new blog series from GPS Destinations & Events spotlights the local travel industry in destinations represented by one of our fabulous DMC partners around the world. 

First up, Italy! Our partners at PR Incentives have showcased “The Little Continent” to groups for more than 30 years and know the countless unique destinations within it as well as anyone. From the bustling cities in the countries northern region, to the rolling hills of Tuscany, arts & culture of Florence and Rome, beautiful Island beaches and much more, Italy truly has it all. Below are just a few iconic locations and groups operated within them by our DMC friends.

The magical city on the sea in the Northeast of Italy is home to historic cafes, a flourishing art scene and more than a hundred different islands. Not to mention, of course,  the picturesque cityscapes visitors can explore on the cities winding canal system and grand bridges that cross over it. 

When a recent group organized by our partners arrived in Venice, they were greeted with a dinner inside the Rialto fish market facing the grand canal that had been reserved by the Mayor of Venice. The group then went on to discover everything from the classic to the hidden to be found in “The City of Water”.  Daytime activities included a “Cicchetti tasting”, boat tours, and an interactive glass factory tour before nightfall brought with it a masquerade gala in a noble palace on the Grand Canal! 

Get a sneak peak of this group with a curated image library here.

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With a 28-century history,  the treasures to be found exploring “The Eternal City” are both one-of-a kind and countless. While iconic sights like the Vatican, the Colloseum, Circus Maximus, the Pantheon, and city center walls are must-sees, the brilliant columns and piazzas found all over the city make a moment anywhere in Rome feel grandiose.

Last year, a group of 330 organized by PR Incentives was welcomed to Rome with a Dolce Vita themed dinner paired with 60’s style paparazzi photography and music, before experiencing the city through its lifestyle with classic tours, cooking classes, and exclusive dinners in pristine locations. Through experiences in places such as the Vatican and three different Roman Palaces, this group sought Rome like few get the chance to.

See more about this landmark group through a curated image library here.

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While the city of Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance and the Italian language, is its crown jewel, Tuscany boasts diverse landscapes and local cultures. From rolling hills in the pastoral countryside, to bespoke coastal areas and a bevy of charming villages in-between, discovering everything to be found in this region is a monumental task.

With countless hidden gems to be found throughout the region, it is perfect for a VIP excursion and that was exactly what two select groups from the aforementioned group of 300 did. Traveling by helicopter from Rome, these VIPs landed in “Area Vini Super Toscani” and the Ferragamo  estate respectively where they experienced the tastes, architecture and views that make Tuscany unique.

See some of the sights attendees of excursion sought through the curated image library here.

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The largest Island in Italy and the Mediterranean sea, Sicily features an abundance of natural beauties, culture, history and tradition. Just a few highlights include: Taormina, an elegant town panoramically positioned between the mountains and the sea; The Aeolian Island’s, a volcanic archipelago of seven unique mini-islands right off Sicily’s coast; and Scala dei Turchi, with its white cliff beaches that are among the island’s most beautiful.

The diversity and depth of this Islands beauty was displayed prominently to a group of 80+ people over five days with an exclusive trip operated by PR Incentives. Starting with a welcome ceremony in the Ancient Greek Theater in Taormina followed by a terrace dinner and fashion show, the group then explored volcanic landscapes and local wine cellars, travelled to remote areas via helicopter, discovered a medieval village with exclusivity, and experienced the iconic sights and traditions of Sicily , while dining with breathtaking views all along the way. 

Check out some of the views attendees enjoyed on this trip in this curated image library here. 

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