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Tesker serves all destinations in Turkey, including: 

  • Istanbul
  • Cappadocia
  • Bodrum
  • Izmir
  • Ephesus
  • Canakkale (Troy)
  • Antalya
  • Antakya
  • Urfa (Gobeklitepe)
  • Ankara


Tekser DMC was founded in 1979. During the ensuing four decades, Tekser’s corporate and individual clientele significantly expanded and diversified in numbers, as well as fields of activity and product demands. Pursuing a policy of exclusivity in service, Tekser has now become a major international and local destination management company offering a wide range of travel options with highly competitive rates. 

The Tekser difference in attitude and performance is reflected in our motto: “Personalized service at its best.” – four decades dedicated to excellence in customer satisfaction and the experience gained preparing the ideal custom-made programs. We invite you to benefit from Tekser expertise, know-how and versatility in designing new, out of the ordinary events, itineraries and themes in addition to guiding you through the classical attractions of Turkey.

At Tekser while our priority is offering innovative, entertaining, and valuable solutions for your travel needs, we cherish our core values of trust, honesty, creativity and empathy.

Experience and enjoy our services…

Why Turkey?

Istanbul has been the melting pot of three prominent empires, resulting in stunning ancient monuments and traditions to explore. Istanbul is located on two continents and the Bosphorus passing through the heart of the city can be seen from many different areas. With all this natural beauty, hotels and restaurants Istanbul has become one of the hottest travel spots.

In Turkey you will inhale the history, natural beauty and the Turkish Hospitality deeply. Anatolia (Asian part of present Turkey) has been the creed of many past ancient civilizations. 

Turkey features direct flights from all over the world. Being a destination full of unique culture and history, most international chains have properties not only in Istanbul but also many other cities throughout Turkey, resulting in a wide array of luxury hospitality from which to choose! 

Why Us?

  • On the road since 1979!
    All you need is a safe and secure travel partner on the road if you are not looking for just any adventure! Tekser has been providing services since 1979 for a large variety of clientele.

  • We build the road together!
    We build the road to success brick by brick and always consult for approval at each milestone

  • Because we care!
    We believe that we are responsible for a more sustainable world and therefore support various social non-profit organizations.

  • Be classic, be innovative!
    Classics are classics for a reason, and we appreciate that. But on the other hand the world is changing. So we decided to base our operation on an eclectic style. We blend classics with innovative ideas to provide secure and exquisite experiences.

  • We only accept state-of-the-art!
    Our service standard is state-of-the-art at all levels.


Feyhan Kaprali

Feyhan Kapralı has graduated from Bogazici University in Istanbul in 1985 with a degree in Business Administration and continued her studies at the Executive Program of University of Chicago in Barcelona between 1994-1995.

She has been working in travel industry in Turkey since 1987 and is presently the Managing Partner of Tekser DMC. 

She is also active in some select associations of the travel industry serving on the boards of the Turkish Chapters of SITE (Society of Incentive Travel Excellence) and MPI (Meeting Professionals International) presently as the Chapter Club President to share her 30 years of international experience to help to improve the standards of the local travel industry by encouraging the increase of women leadership as well as by arranging mentorship and training programs for the young leaders.

She is one of the founding members of KAGIDER, the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey. She has also been a Board Member since 2015 in charge of the International Relation Strategy group of the Association.

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