Destinations Served:

  • Lisbon
  • Porto
  • Algarve


Founded in 1985, Cititravel S.A. is a privately-owned Spanish and Portuguese company that functions as an architect within the MICE industry for a variety of solutions that are second to none, with headquarters in Málaga on the Costa del Sol and branch offices strategically located in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Tenerife, Mallorca and Lisbon. Organizational success and competitiveness depends on the ability to manage diversity in the workplace, so each of our offices is staffed by a team of professionals with cultural travel experience across the world. At Cititravel S.A., we always listen to our clients, discuss options to accomplish the program goals, and design all program elements that deliver a collaborative and positive experience.

Why Portugal?

Spain and Portugal are spectacular and diverse countries, both intensely regionalist but yet bound together in a common passion for living life to the full, giving rein to their emotions and exuding ‘joie de vivre’. The entire Iberian Peninsula has a long, rich and varied history reflected in everything from prehistoric cave paintings, Roman ruins, Moorish palaces, imposing medieval castles, Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance masterpieces and jewels of Modernism. The Spanish and Portuguese embrace their past while always looking to the future with an infectious, go-ahead enthusiasm.

The contemporary avante-garde chefs, designers and architects in both countries have unleashed a formidable wave of uninhibited innovation that place Spain and Portugal at the forefront of Europe’s most exciting countries.

Why Us?

  • We believe that the entire MICE industry is founded on the fact that people are the single most powerful driver of an organizations success.
  • We are native Spanish and Portuguese with decades of industry knowledge.
  • We listen carefully to our clients’ requirements to gain a clear understanding of what you you need your program to achieve. 

The Perfect Fit.

Cititravel is a privately-owned Spanish & Portuguese company which has always had diversity at the forefront of its values.  As a testament to this, the company is fifty percent female owned and our team is very culturally diverse, including staff from the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Germany and naturally from Spain and Portugal.


Christian Charters

Christian has had the opportunity to help and design programs in Cititravel’s most prime destinations like Madrid, Valencia, Malaga and now Portugal. He is committed to helping clients design programs looking for creative, efficient ways to build innovative and compelling programs.

When not working with clients on their programs, Christian enjoys spending time in Portugal’s best surf spots and perfecting his Portuguese. 

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