Arawak DMX is looking into creating the most authentic, creative and innovative concepts. Our team is being inspired by our island, and blends the culture and history into each program element. Our team is dedicated to elevating the experiences that makes our destination a one-of-a-kind destination in the Caribbean. Let us share our knowledge, the stories of our childhood and our ideas with you and work with you on your next program.

It gives me great pleasure to recognize Sergino Croes at Arawak DMX. The effort that he put into our events was immense and his attention to details was exceptional. He produced concepts for our reception and dinner and worked hard alongside the resort to ensure that each event was executed to perfection. The support that he gave us throughout the planning process up to execution of each event was impeccable. Having worked in corporate travel for many years, I must say he was the most dedicated and hard-working DMC I have yet to meet and he takes such pride in his work.

Jody McShea – Meeting Planner

Travel One



Arawak DMX is a Destination Management Company providing authentic and creative experiences in Aruba. Aruba, the ‘One Happy Island’, and a top-rated destination for corporate groups in the Caribbean, provides a wide array of resorts and facilities. Our location and weather, combined with our culture, our history and the architecture, provides the perfect base to create the most amazing program elements. Our experienced team brings multiple elements into each unique experience. Our team, driven by the force of innovation, provides out-of-the-box options for clients looking into exploring our destination from another angle. Our team is also eager to elevate the level of service while expanding our footprint for corporate groups. Our destination partners are anxious to collaborate with one another to create the perfect blend and mix. Our clients can count on us to work within budget while maximizing the outcome towards the participants. It is our aim to provide each participant with detailed and tailor-made experiences to celebrate their performance and achievements.


Aruba is a Caribbean island located in the Southern part of the Caribbean Sea, just outside the Hurricane belt. The fine, white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters provides the perfect mix to providing participants with an amazing experience. The island provides multiple well-known resorts, with a great combination of indoor and outdoor spaces for meetings and events. During the day, participants are able to explore excursions, from the amazing options to explore the waters, or explore the landmarks, museums and caves, or create unique art pieces with local artists. During the evening participants are able to indulge in local and fine dining experiences, or Chef’s table experiences, dining scene provides a delightful fusion of tastes for food enthusiasts. Aruba might be a small dot on the map, however there is a diverse range of excursions and experiences to explore the one ‘One Happy Island’.

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