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Welcome to PlannerConnect our reinvigorated events by GPS Destinations! 

As a luxury hotel or destination supplier, it can be challenging to reach and connect with qualified Meeting Planners. But with PlannerConnect Events, we make it easy for you to meet face-to-face with these key decision-makers in the group travel industry.

Our events operate in an efficient roadshow format, hitting two or three cities in one week. This allows you to maximize your time and reach a wider audience of potential clients. The events take place from 4:00-7:00 PM, typically in the form of a cocktail reception with exhibitors at highboy tables that provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your offerings and connect with buyers in a relaxed and informal setting.

One of the unique features of PlannerConnect events is that we invite and confirm qualified group travel buyers, and then supply you with their buyer profiles. This means that you can come prepared to the event with knowledge about the planners, and tailor your pitch to their specific needs.

After the event, you’ll receive post-event report that practically writes your trip report for you! This will help you to stay engaged with key accounts and track your progress.

Join us at PlannerConnect events and take your group sales to the next level. With our efficient format, face-to-face interaction with qualified buyers, and detailed post-event reporting, we are confident that you will see results!

View or download the 2023 PlannerConnect Exhibitor Schedule for event series details.  For event pricing, contact us directly at

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